10 Good Health Tips

  1. Quality water supply – if water is moving it is alive (rain, tides, river) and can cleanse, regenerate, hydrate, heal and provide negative health giving ions.
  2. Sunshine – expansion of spirit, builds Seratonin levels (happy hormones for the brain), health and a sense of freedom
  3. Fresh air – clean air free of pollutants, in Latin air = spirit
  4. Whole foods – foods that are grown in the earth, not packaged or processed or interfered with to ensure nutrition
  5. Non-toxic relationships – when you have a healthy relationship it doesnt take effort, it is easy
  6. Passion – a desire to live and gratitude for your precious human life – no passion = no motivation = no healthy choices
  7. Enough sleep and rest to help the body to regenerate, relax and
  8. Healthy exercise and walking can stimulate brain activity and relieve stress
  9. Personal achievements and goal setting can improve lifestyle and boost self-esteem
  10. Meditation and breathing exercises do wonders for the soul and help the nervous system to unwind as well as give clear perspective