Daily Rhythm


Work 8 hours, play 8 hours, sleep 8 hours

Your daily rhythm is your all-access pass to more energy, better sleep, and mental clarity. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is the process of following the dualistic Yang (day) and Yin (night). Following the rhythm of the day is also practiced in the Ayurvedic daily routine, dinacharya (law of nature). This is done by following the Tridosha phases throughout the day: Pitta (10am-2pm), Vata (2pm-6pm) and Kapha (6pm-10pm).

The list below is a simple and easy guide which will help you to get into a positive flow with your day. I also hope to provide you with an insight into the importance of body awareness throughout your day.

Sticking to a routine during the day can be a no-brainer way of getting in sync with the circadian day and night cycles. A daily routine also helps you to adjust accordingly to the rhythmic requirements of your body. So have a read, try these out and let me know if I missed anything!


  • Wake up early, preferably before sunrise
  • Empty your bladder and bowels upon rising
  • Perform oil pulling, scrape your tongue and brush your teeth
  • Drink two cups of hot water with lemon
  • Exercise for 20 minutes, breathing through your nose (walking, yoga asanas etc.)
  • Meditate for at least five minutes
  • Massage your body with a pure oil after a shower (sweet almond or jojoba oil)
  • Have a raw, green energy drink with your breakfast (green juice or smoothie)
  • If you still feel hungry add some grains (noodles or brown rice with egg and steamed greens)


  • Eat your substantial meal in the middle of the day in a quiet, settled atmosphere
  • Take liquids between meals (water, green tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea)
  • Avoid rushing, worrying and overeating
  • Take time to be mindful in your busy day (take your shoes off and walk on the grass at lunchtime, smell the fresh air, lie under a tree or feel the warm sunshine on your face)


  • Quit work by 6 pm and completely unplug
  • Treat yourself and those that you interact with lovingly and gently
  • Cultivate feelings of gratitude, peace, and quiet
  • Go for a calm walk in the evening air
  • Engage in an activity that gives you joy
  • Meditate on your activities for that day
  • Retire early (before 10 pm)