Infant Colic

Colic is severe abdominal pain (intestinal cramps) generally caused by obstruction or irritation of the intestines or gall bladder, gas production or constipation.  Infantile colic, characterized by frequent crying episodes lasting three or more hours, gas and abdominal pain, usually starts within one month of birth.  The baby may not show any other symptoms of ill health as they are generally healthy, however appear restless and uncomfortable.  This should not be long lasting and may only be present from birth to three months of age.


  • Fennel, chamomile and lemon balm are effective herbs for infantile colic. These may be administered to the baby via drop doses of a herbal medicine tincture (please speak to a Healthcare professional) or if the mother drinks this recipe as a herbal tea. Other herbs effective for colic are peppermint, aniseed, vervain and licorice
  • Decrease foods which contribute to gas formation and colic in babies such as dairy foods especially cows milk, coffee, tea, chocolate, sulphur foods (broccoli, onion, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, brussel sprouts), wheat and gluten
  • If the infant is currently fed with a formula rather than breast milk then it may be necessary to change formulas to determine whether some ingredients are unsettling to your babies digestion. Common antagonists found in formulas are preservatives, gluten and sugar


  • Other reasons for colic is that your baby may be drawing in air when it is suckling from the nipple of the bottle
  • Gently massage your infants stomach in a clockwise direction to help settle a bloated stomach and calm the baby down


  • If you are currently breastfeeding then you may consider putting a small amount of acidophilus probiotic powder on the nipple before the baby suckles. Alternatively you may take a probiotic supplement and the benefits will be passed on to the baby. Probiotics may help to correct disgestive imbalance in the infant by improving the amount of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics also help to increase immunity to an immature digestive, nervous and immune system
  • A small amount of slippery elm placed on the nipple or ingested by the mother may also help to calm the stomach and reduce gas formation
  • Brauer Homeopathics Colic Relief formula is an infants homeopathic formulation in liquid form which is effective in relieving colic in infants. It contains gentle homeopathics to promote digestion to relieve abdominal distention.