Hair Loss after Pregnancy

Most women experience hair loss around three months after their child is born. This may occur due to the changes in the body hormones which occur during pregnancy, breast feeding and post pregnancy adaption. During pregnancy there is more Oestrogen (female hormone) being produced in the body. This is a hormone which causes the hair to thicken and grow. Many women are told that their hair is healthy and their skin is glowing during pregnancy, Oestrogen is the reason behind this positive side effect of pregnancy.

After birth this hormone slowly decreases and Progesterone (another female hormone) is used to produce breast milk. This change in hormone fluctuations can cause the hair to be shed.

Common causes of hair loss

  • A decline in Kidney energy slows normal hair growth as Kidney energy influences hormone regulation and naturally declines with age
  • Hair loss is associated with stagnant (slow moving) or deficient (lacking nutrient) Blood. A decrease in nutrients and nourishment to the hair follicle results in hair loss
  • Congested energy (Qi) in the Liver impairs Blood flow throughout the body contributing to hair loss
  • Hormonal imbalances may be a contributing factor due to a decline in Kidney energy (especially after chilldbirth), creates liver stagnation and may reduce nutritional status to the hair shaft