Garlic Odour

Garlic is considered a super food because it yields so many health giving properties. Garlic has been used traditionally for many conditions due to its potent anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, natural anti-biotic, cleansing, detoxifying, cardiovascular strengthening and blood thinning effects.

This potent wonder food is also used culinarily to improve the flavour of many delicious foods, it can unfortunately have the undesirable side effect of leaving that characteristic odour on the breath. This is due to its Sulphur content (Allyl methyl sulfide).


  • Chew on a bunch of parsley
  • Chew Cardamom or Fennel seeds, this may neutralise the smell of garlic due to their strong flavours
  • Choose a mint which has a strong peppermint flavour (one without sugar and artificial flavours is the healthiest option)
  • Eat garlic along with other strong flavoured foods such as fish, tomatoes, anchovies, cardamom, parsley
  • Use a strong mint based mouthwash and brush teeth regularly
  • Tongue scraping may help to reduce the garlic residue in the mouth
  • Drink lemon juice as the citric acid may help to break down the garlic residue and cleanse the tastebuds
  • Eating yoghurt is claimed to break down the hydrogen sulphide in the mouth as well as reducing unpleasant bacteria being harboured in the mouth