Diarrhea is a complaint which can be interpreted as an alarm bell to internal disruption; it is a symptom of imbalance and not a disease itself.

Diarrhea is frequent passing of watery, loose stools and can be an acute or chronic ailment. The reasons for diarrhea can be varied, however the underlying reason needs to be investigated and treated as long term diarrhea will cause other complications such as dehydration, malabsorption of nutrients, acidosis, excessive thirst, electrolyte imbalance, weakness and lethargy. It is recommend that you speak to your Healthcare professional regarding the continuation of diarrhea because if it is left unaddressed will cause further complications.


  • Bacterial infection present in the gastro intestinal tract
  • Food allergies (lactose and gluten)
  • Viruses and parasites
  • Side effects of pharmaceutical medication
  • Nervousness or anxiety
  • Additional complication to chronic digestive disorders


  • Manuka Honey is a potent anti-bacterial to soothe digestion and inflammation
  • Eat small meals regularly to ease the burden on the digestive system
  • Keep well hydrated (at least 2-3 litres of water/ day)
  • Increase alkalising foods such as water, miso soup, vegetable juices, lemon juice, herbal teas, green barley powder, vegetables and fruits
  • Reduce acidic foods such as tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated soft drinks, red meat, sugar, dairy, wheat, processed, preserved and artificial foods
  • Excessive amounts of wheat bran, aloe vera, fish oil, raw garlic or liver herbs may cause diarrhea in some individuals


  • Address the cause of the problem
  • Support liver, digestion and bowel function


The following are short term suggestions and not treatments for diarrhea. If diarrhea continues for more than 2 days medical advise should be sought.

  • Slippery elm and psyllium are gentle fibres to bulk the stools and relieve diarrhoea by reducing inflammation. Slippery elm protects the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and mucopolysaccharides soothe the mucus membranes
  • Apple pectin, chamomile, yoghurt, bananas and pineapple are all soothing herbs to the digestive tract
  • Probiotics are an important supplement to take to reinoculate the bowels with healthy bacteria
  • Minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium and Zinc may help to alleviate the problem and provide electrolytes to the body to prevent cellular dehydration
  • Herbs to help alleviate diarrhoea and reduce gastrointestinal dysfunction are Barberry, Golden Seal, Garlic, Pau D’arco, Black Walnut, Peppermint, Chamomile, Olive leaf, Oregon Grape, Marshmallow, Gentian and Ginger