Tendon Injury

Musculoskeletal injuries such as a torn or degraded tendons and cartilage can be a debilitating condition and due to much of the area being avascular (no blood supply) can take a considerable time to heal.

The treatment protocol should aim at helping to rebuild tissue structure and reduce inflammatory agents in order to decrease the pain, stiffness and inflammation so you can fully enjoy your surfing.


  • Acupuncture may assist pain relief, reduce inflammation and improve the chances of healing
  • Ensure that you allow the area to heal completely before resuming heavy exercise or workload
  • Gentle exercise and stretching
  • Consider Hyperbolic Stretching as a therapy
  • Apply the R.I.C.E theory of rest, ice, compression and elevation


  • The Chinese medicine herb Tienchi Ginseng is an herb traditionally used to invigorate the blood and to assist in the dispersal of stagnant blood and the resolution of inflammation, bleeding, trauma, swelling and pain
  • Magnesium is a mineral which would be of benefit as it is needed to relieve muscle aches, pains and spasms. Many people are deficient in this important mineral for the nerve and muscles as it declines rapidly due to stress
  • Fish oil contains potent anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling and may also increase circulation to the site of injury
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) powder may be of assistance in reducing pain and inflammation and improve the formation of cartilage, repair tissue and reduce wear and tear on the joint
  • Topical application of warming and circulatory stimulant gels or creams may give some pain relief. A cream which contains natural anti-inflammatory herbs and applied at least 3-4 times each day
  • Herbs which have a direct anti-inflammatory effect on the musculo-skeletal system and may be taken internally are: White willow bark, Boswellia, Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne, Eucommia, Acanthopanax and Devils Claw
  • Anti-oxidants containing Zinc, B Vitamins, Vitamin A & E, CoEnzyme Q10 and Selenium may help to reduce the amount of damage to the cartilage by assisting to reduce the production of free radicals
  • Glucosamine with Chondroitin are important nutrients to reduce further destruction of the cartilage, encourage joint repair and to reduce inflammation, pain and joint mobility
  • Another powerful anti inflammatory is New Zealand Green lipped mussels