Milk Rash

The most common condition that presents with the symptoms you have described is milk rash. Milk rash is a common reaction many babies haveto the hasty introduction of foods into their diet, especially cow’smilk.  Children and infants in particular have an immature and sensitive digestive tract and immune system.  It is therefore a good idea to introduce nutritional foods into their diet at a slow rate to avoid allergic or inflammatory reactions at an early stage.

Cows milk (lactose and casein) and sugar if not tolerated can set upimmune and digestive allergies and also have an effect on the way thepancreas responds to the sugars present in these foods.  Highly refinedsugary foods are not advisable to give to an infant as they do not havethe digestive processes to break these foods down effectively.


  • Change from cow’s milk to goats milk as goats milk does not contain the complex protein component (casein). Milk allergies are a common cause of milk rash in babies, especially if they also experience colicsymptoms (diarrhoea, limited weight gain, flatulence). If you arestill breastfeeding it may also help to reduce the amount of cows milkproducts you are consuming, as the protein component of the milk willalso come through the breast milk.
  • When introducing foods/ solids into your childs diet start with only one food at a time.
  • Add a small amount of slippery elm (1/4 teaspoon) to his food or bottle or add a little to your nipple prior to breastfeeding. Slippery elm has a demulcent (soothing) effect on the digestive tract, helps foods to be assimilated properly and reduces any gastrointestinal irritation/ upsets.
  • Reduce the amount of preserved fruits he is eating. Give him pureed fruit instead as it is less harsh on his digestive tract then preserved fruits which contain a lot of sugar.
  • Puree brown rice into his vegetables as brown rice is very nutritive and alkalising.
  • Add some powdered vitamin C which contains bioflavinoids (Melrose Vitamin C complex with Bioflavinoids is available at health foodstores).