Nature Cure

Many basic principles of Naturopathy are derived from the European practice of ‘Nature Cure’. Vincent Priessnitz founded ‘Nature Cure’ at the turn of the 19th century using the practises of a good diet combined with periods of fasting, regular exercise and water therapy to assist the body to maintain health and rid itself of biochemical imbalances. One of the fundamental beliefs in both these philosophies is the power of the body to heal itself. Therefore many practioners do not claim to heal, rather they assist the body to heal itself by removing the harmful causes of illness.

Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, water and nutritious foods are beneficial for living within the laws of ‘Nature Cure’ as these the elements are necessary for sustaining life and provide a clean environment void of the contaminants which can contribute to disease. Correct body alignment, healthy social and family relationships and positive mental attitude are also necessary for overall well being.

The arduous nature of life (regardless of what age we live in) can present us with stress in many forms. In the 21st century, environmental pollution is increasing and it seems (with all the technological advancements) the pace of life is accelerating with it. Life can be very hectic when we attempt to keep up with all the demands and developments of our time. Is it still possible to step away for awhile and give ourselves time to heal? The world still contains many pure, beautiful and healing places if we search for them and the act of searching and protecting these places can also assist us to develop our lifestyles toward a healthy balance. Just as we let our children play and occasionally hurt themselves in order for them to grow and become stronger, all of us will experience stress in our lives. It is the manner in which we deal with stress that will assist us to survive and maintain our health. Finding the right balance is the key to holistic well being.

Do you feel your lifestyle is taking advantage of all the good things on offer? Do you feel there are aspects in your life, or the world around you, holding you back from achieving your optimum level of health and fulfillment? The answers to these questions may help to highlight aspects and choices in your life that can be developed or changed in order to make the most of your personal situation.

Some positive lifestyle changes you may be able to make immediately: * The meal you make tonight.* The place you buy your groceries from* What you buy* Do you have a water filter? * Choosing healthy food options over junk foods* Beginning a natural health treatment* Finding activities which can promote calmness and clarity* Reducing activities that are harmful and contaminating

Some other aspects that may take time and dedication:
* Developing and maintaining an exercise routine and healthy lifestyle

* Fostering healthy, caring and trustful relationships with family, friends and loved ones

* Discovering a nurturing place to live that fulfills your needs for contentment, creativity and well being

* Creating a fulfilling career path. Whether through commitment to your current position, retraining or volunteering to causes that you are passionate about.

* Learning the joys of giving and selflessness

By incorporating these points into your life hopefully you may discover that have the ability to make the most of what mother earth can still offer us. And that it is still possible to be in harmony with the influences of the laws of nature in the 21st century.