The herb Tribulus terrestris has gained popularity of the past decade as a herbal medicine used by sports people to increase energy, stamina and endurance. It was used in Ancient Greece and India as a restorative or physical rejuvenation tonic. In China it is used for conditions affecting the kidneys, liver, immune and cardiovascular systems.


  • reducing fatigue
  • increase muscle strength in conjunction with isotonic exercise
  • improve mood
  • increase sexual desire
  • increase production of semen motility, mobility and survival
  • decrease impotency by increasing Luteinsing Hormone which stimulates Testosterone production needed to sustain an erection


It is often difficult to find the best quality herbal supplement when the retail market is saturated with products all claiming fantastic results. The preparation of products may vary from manufacturer to manufacture. Because it is often not clear what the active components of a product are, standardization may not be possible, and the clinical effects of different brands may not be comparable.

The following are some guidelines which may make it easier when comparing different brands and supplements:

  • Is the formulation standardized to contain Tribulus at a specific dosage. Some Tribulus extracts are standardised to contain a percentage of Steroidal Saponins (Protodioscin and Protogracillin) – these are the active components of Tribulus which have an effect on raising Testosterone levels. To compare products looking at the active ingredients is the best way.
  • What is the dosage of the product? Maximum amounts of the individual herb taken once per day does not necessarily mean that it is the superior product. This is because often the body can only tolerate and absorb smaller amounts at a time. It is a better option to have smaller amounts often during the day so that you can get maximum benefit from the product.