Sam-E (S-Adenosylmethionine) can be purchased as a Homeopathic preparation or as a nutritional supplement. It is commonly used to address nervous system symptoms of low mood, despondancy, stress, anxiety, depression, pain management and for liver protection. It is produced by combining the amino acid Methionine and Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and is utilised in the liver.


Sam-E affects Serotonin (happy hormone) levels in the brain to raise mood levels. It is a supplement which is widely used in Europe with great success and was introduced into Australia recently with the same results. Addressing nervous system complaints requires an individual regime and there is no one miracle supplement which will benefit every person. If you begin taking Sam-E I suggest that you also consider taking nutrients to further support the nervous system such as B Vitamins and Magnesium for better long term health benefits. If you are currently taking any pharmaceutical medication for the treatment of depression such as anxiolytics or antidepressants please speak to a Healthcare practitioner as it is not recommended to use the two concurrently.