Blepharitis/ Blephitis is an inflammatory condition which affects the eyelashes and outer rims of the eyelids causing pain, irritation, blurred vision, dry eyes, red swollen eyelids, burning, itching, scaly eyelids and an increased production of tears. Another common complaint is the sensation that something is on the surface of the eye causing a gritty irritated sensation. The cause of this condition is a low grade bacterial infection (Staphlococcus), inflammation of the follicles around the eyelid, problems with the production of oil from the sebaceous glands, or the result of other skin disorders (scalp dandruff, dermatitis, skin allergies, lice, rosacea). This condition can be difficult to treat due to reinfection and may lead to other complications. There is no strong correlation between the symptoms of Blephitis and inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis.


  • Ensure eye hygiene, avoid rubbing the area and spreading the contamination
  • Renew eye makeup (mascaras, eye liners, eye shadows or contact lens solutions) as many may harbour hidden bacterias and contribute to bacterial infections, skin sensitivity and dermatitis
  • Address any skin irritations or skin allergies


  • Use a warm compress on the eyes, this can be done by pouring boiling water over a clean face washer, let it cool and place over the eyes. You may even like to add a few drops of Olive oil, Avocado oil or Essential oil of Chamomile and wipe the affected area. By warming the area of inflammation on the eyes it may make it easier to remove the scaly bacterial congestion present
  • You may like to soak and cook brown rice and use it to gently encourage exfoliation of the area.Make an infusion using the herbs Chamomile, Eye bright and Golden seal by steeping the herbs in boiling water for 5 minutes and then wash the affected area with the warm liquid
  • Increase Vitamin A, Vitamin D and fish oils in the diet to reduce inflammation and address the decrease in oil production which protects and moisturises the eyes
  • Apply a pure Oil of Olive, Avocado or Wheatgerm to the area to soothe and reduce irritation
  • Increase anti-oxidant status to improve the overall health of the immune system and reducing inflammatory susceptibility. Increasing potent anti-oxidant foods such as Grape seeds, Olive oil, fish or the Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, Selenium