Fractured Bones

Bone formation requires optimal osteoblast activity to build bone after a fracture.  Osteoblasts are responsible for the growth and repair of bone and lay down new deposition of Calcium Phosphate and collagen during the repair process of turning Calcium into mature bone.


  • Eat plenty of foods which are high in Calcium such as dairy foods, salmon, sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables and tahini
  • Eat foods rich in the mineral Silica such as oats, horsetail herb, celery and onions


  • Please keep in mind that healing of bones is a long term issue and by taking the above may ensure better fusing of the bone
  • Gentle isotonic exercise (once the bone has healed) may help to stimulate the formation of new bone growth


  • Silica is a mineral which concentrates within the bones and works with Calcium to strengthen bones. Silica is available in health food stores in celloid tablets or gel liquid and capsule form. Some brand names are Martin & Pleasance (Silica & Calcium Flouride), Hubner Silica or Planet Health Silica. These minerals are essential for bone strength and laying down calcium deposits within the bones
  • A calcium supplement is also advisable to support repair and growth activity within the bones. Recommended forms of Calcium are Calcium Hydroxapetate, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Flouride. 98% of the bodies Calcium is stored in the bones. We don’t recommend Calcium Carbonate as is not as easily absorbed and may deposit on the outside of the bones
  • Comfrey is a herb which historically has been used to help the knitting together of bones in cases of fractures. It was a folklore remedy and its other names are Boneknit, Boneset, Healing Blade and even The Great Comfrey. Unfortunately is difficult to find to take internally, however many brands produce a cream or ointment which you can use topically over the area of damage. Comfrey when used this way easily penetrates the skin and helps the bone to set
  • The amino acid Arginine and the mineral Zinc may help to accelerate the healing of bones