Dental Cavities

Dental cavities are caused by bacteria or acidic substances breaking down the surface/ amalgalm of the teeth making them porous and exposed. A build up of dental plaque will also decay the teeth faster. Dental caries are simply holes in the teeth where the first two layers of the protective coating are degraded.


  • Eat foods which encourage dental hygeine such as raw foods, carrots, apples, celery. Raw foods in particular ensure that adequate saliva is produced in the mouth to digest the foods. Raw foods also require a lot of chewing action which stimulates the to hold onto Calcium and increase the density of the teeth
  • Increase Calcium and Silica rich foods in the diet such as green leafy vegetables, milk, soy milk, oats, celery, nuts and seeds, cauliflower
  • Reduce soft drinks, tea and coffee all of which draw Calcium from the bones and teeth due them causing an imbalance in the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio. Soft drinks in particular contain high amounts of Phosphate which causes Calcium to be leeched from the teeth making them soft
  • Reduce acid forming and sugary foods as these are detrimental to the health of the teeth reducing the amalgalm coating on the teeth which leads to formation of holes in the teeth. Acid foods are tea, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, sugar, refined wheat, preserved and processed foods. Increase alkaline foods to help buffer the detrimental acids. Attached is a list of acid and alkaline foods


  • Ensure that you brush your teeth effectively at least twice/ day
  • Floss your teeth regularly as many cavities occur between the teeth due to food which is captured in this area causing degradation and bacteria
  • Dont have sugary foods or drinks before retiring as residue sugar may stay in the mouth and cause decay overnight


  • Ensure that you have adequate Calcium levels as this is an extremely important mineral for the health of the teeth. There is an old wives tale that women lose the equivalent of one tooths worth of Calcium for every pregnancy. Calcium is especially impotant there is a history of osteoporosis in the family or if you have concerns about recent caries. Take a Calcium supplement which contains Calcium hydroxycitric acid, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Flouride or Calcium citrate as these are the best bio-available Calcium forms to absorb. The brand Martin and Pleasance produce a celloid tablet Silica, Calc Phos and Calc Flour which are fantastic when taken in combination for the health and strengthening of bones and teeth
  • CoQ10 is a specific nutrient for peridontal health as it may help to increase the circulation to the gums and to reduce the bacteria which causes caries
  • Probiotics taken in powder form and swished around the teeth may be used to ensure that the balance of good bacteria in the mouth is encouraged and to decrease any harboured negative bacteria in the gums, between the teeth and in any present caries
  • Zinc is a mineral which is needed for the health of the gums, circulation, inflammation and to also reduce the build up of plaque deposits on the teeth
  • Improving your anti-oxidant status goes a long way to improving the health of the teeth, this may be due to obvious reasons such as these anti-oxidants causing an inhibition of the growth of bacteria
  • The following are herbs which are used to reduce the incidence of dental caries – Green tea, Chapparal, Cinnamon, Clove, Gymnema, Perilla and Grape seed
  • Herbs which are used for the health of the gums and mouth are Green tea, Manuka honey, Licorice, Neem, Pomegranate, Propolis, Thyme, Acerola, Apple cider vinegar, Golden seal and Bulbous buttercup