Many children experience fears and worries at a young age, many fears are known and some are unknown. Most children will slowly grow out of these doubts and uncertainties or forget about the reasoning behind them as they mature and become more settled in the world around them.


Childhood psychologists will regularly speak to the parents of children affected by fears, some tips that they suggest are:
* Comfort the child and let them know that you take their fears seriously, but never play along with their imaginary fears (for example don’t check in the cupboards for scary monsters).
* When your child asks questions don’t embellish stories with exaggerated details and let them know that you will always answer any question they are concerned about.
* Encourage your child to confront the object of their fear slowly and one step at a time at their own pace. For example in your sons case encourage him to climb the ladder of the slippery slide or jumping on a jumping castle, while trying not to make him feel pressured.
* Allow your child some control and give them small responsibilities as well as routine through the day to help instill a sense of calm and safety in their daily routines.


Bush Flower Essences work subtly on the emotions and may help to bring about a sense of calm for your son by helping to release any stress or nervousness. Bush Flower Remedies are available from most health food stores; you may choose up to seven and have them blended for you at the store. Alternatively you may buy the remedies Calm & Clear or Emergency Essence if you are unable to find a store to mix them for you.



  • Negative trait – closed and suspicious
  • Positive attribute – opens the heart, trust


  • obsessive thoughts
  • + clarity serenity


  • continual worrying
  • + peace, calm, balances and centres the individual


  • – fearful, shy, insecure
  • + confidence, courage


  • distress
  • + removal of effects of recent or old distressing events


  •   neediness, co-dependency
  • + strengthening of ones will, reclaiming ones spirit, self-empowerment


  • overwhelmed
  • + calmness, clarity


  • oversensitive
  • + strength


  • despair, hopelessness
  • + courage, adaptability, faith

It might also be advantageous to give him a Children’s multivitamin and mineral to ensure he is receiving adequate nutrients such as Magnesium and B Vitamins to strengthen his nervous system and boost his nutritional status.

Foods which are high in nutrients to build his nervous system and contain Magnesium, Potassium and B Vitamins are: bananas, nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables, oats, dairy products, grains, figs, dates and avocados.