Tryptophan (5HTP) is a supplement used successfully by many individuals to stabilise moods and improve nervous system function due to its effect on raising serotonin (the happy hormone) levels in the brain. This amino acid is indicated in cases of anxiety, mild depression, for pain relief, fibromyalgia, migraine, insomnia, mania, stress or obsessive compulsive disorder. It may be used as an alternative to commonly prescribed antidepressants, however it is recommended to seek the advice of a Healthcare practitioner for treatment of depression and mental illnesses.

Naturopaths will often recommend a combination of supplements to best address the symptoms of nervous system dysfunction. There are many herbal remedies which can be used successfully to address nervous system tension and anxiety and depression are indicative of nutritional deficiencies.


  • Reduce caffeine in your diet as this causes nervous system irritation, foods such as Coffee, tea, Green tea, chocolate contain caffeine
  • Ensure proper hydration
  • Reduce sugar in your diet as this may cause the nervous system to experience excitation reactions
  • Increase foods which contain the amino acid Tryptophan such as beef, cottage cheese, fish, lentils, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, soybeans and uncooked rice


  • Vibrational medicine using Bush Flower Remedies may also be of assistance to calm the spirit and ease tension
  • Therapies such Kinesiology, counselling and acupuncture may help you to understand what is happening in your body. Awareness is the key to changing behavioural patterns and ensuring long term health
  • Ensure that you are exercising as exercise increases happy hormones to the brain and brings about relaxation and a sense of calm. Yoga and meditation are also recommended


  • Withania reduces cortisol production from the adrenals and has adaptogenic, anti-stress, anxiolytic, anti-depressant and mild sedative qualities to help calm the mind and spirit
  • Magnolia is a gentle nervous system herb that may help to ease feelings of anxiety due to its anxiolytic, anti-depressant, carminative effects
  • Chamomile is a very nourishing herb for the nervous system. Chamomile is a relaxant and calminative
  • Zizyphus has a tonifying effect on the nervous system and is a gentle sedative and relaxant.
  • Passionflower is indicated for people whom experience nervousness, palpitations and sleep problems, its effects are anxiolytic, relaxant and work to calm the overactive nerves.
  • Rhodiola supports adrenal function to help reduce stress hormone production due to its adaptogenic effects
  • Vitamin B and Magnesium are synergistic nutrients to take in combination with a herbal supplement to address anxiety and depression. These nutrients are commonly deficient in people experiencing stress and are also co-factors in hormone production of serotonin in the brain