Candida Spit Test

If you are experiencing Candida like symptoms such as alternating bowel habits, flatulence or bloating or consume a high sugar and refined foods diet then an overgrowth of Candida may be adversely affecting your body. Also if you have recently taken a course of anti-biotics or have been under stress, again you may have higher levels of Candida present. Low grade Candida infections can be the underlying cause to many health problems, if this is the case it is recommended to try to eradicate it from the body and raise your general health.


A blood test is the most precise and accurate way to determine whether Candida is present in the body. A blood test will indicate whether there are Candida antigens present in the blood. Please see the following link if you would like to know more about these tests, some are available in pharmacies or healthfood stores:


The salivary test may help to determine whether Candida is present in the mouth/ saliva, however it is a general guide and not a conclusive diagnostic test. Please see the following webpage if you would like to read further about this test:

The Candida spit test is performed by spitting in a glass of water first thing in the morning and observing its behaviour. Does it float or sink or does it release small tendrils from the body of spit? If it floats then the liklihood of Candida is small, however if it sinks or has spider webs/ tendrils forming then the liklihood of Candida infection is high.