Skin Break Outs

The skin (Integumenatry system) is an organ of elimination. The health of the skin is determined by many factors, some of these are liver health, diet, stress, cleansing and hygeine, bowel elimination, kidney waste removal, digestive function and enzyme production, bowel bacteria, immunity and hormonal balance.

When skin health is compromised by any of these factors effective treatment may often take a long time to heal. The problem needs to be solved from the inside to the outside, improving the health of the above areas will result in vital and glowing skin.


Skin break outs are an indication of the health of the body systems and are particularly linked to the health of the bowels. The more waste matter we are able to pass out of the body via the bowels enables a more effective blood and liver detoxification processes. Sluggish bowel movement may be a cause of the skin impurity because the organs of detoxification (bowels, liver and kidneys) are currently struggling to remove wastes from the body and any excess wastes are sent to the skin, which is the next organ of elimination in line. To improve skin health it takes time as first you need to work through the liver, bowels, kidneys, blood and then onto the skin to improve its quality. Your question regarding bowel movement influencing your break out of acne is valid due to these reasons.


Pharmaceuticals which are generally used for skin break outs or cysts are antibiotics that are estrogenic and diuretic in action. The side effects of these pharmaceutical medications can cause further liver and immune suppression. While these medications may have a positive short term effect, the root cause of the problem needs to be addressed to achieve long term results.  Naturopathically speaking the health of the whole body needs to be improved so that the skin receives adequate nutrition, balanced acidity levels, increased antioxidants and the blood is cleansed of impurities which cause blockages and inflammation of the sebaceous glands or an increase in sebum production and pustules.