Thyroid Nodules


Thyroid nodules are abnormal growths/ lumps that commonly arise within an otherwise normal thyroid gland. These nodules may become present on the outer edge of the gland itself and protrude and can often be felt by palpation or by the individual as an uncomfortable lump in the throat which causes difficulty in swallowing, neck pain , throat irritation or shortness of breath due to obstruction of the airways, however many are asymptomatic.

Many people experience a thyroid nodule and these are often considered as benign (non-cancerous growths), however a small portion of them may contain cancerous tissue so it is best to have further investigation. Thyroid nodules can consist of either an accumulation of thyroid cells/ tissue or can also be a fluid or blood filled cyst. Individuals with this complaint will not necessarily suffer from hypothyroid or hyperthyroid for them to be present and the nodules may occur in both extremes of thyroid, endocrine imbalance. If the nodule consists of thyroid tissue it may have the ability to produce thyroid hormones and contribute to a raised production of thyroid hormones and eventually hyperthyroidism. The appearance of nodules on the thyroid is not specifically linked to the functioning of the thyroid or deficiency or toxicity of Iodine.


Naturopaths suggest avoiding gluten if you have an underlying thyroid issue. This is a substance which causes aggravation to the thyroid gland causing disregulation of the gland and a decreased ability to function. For many people with a gluten sensitivity, thyroid issues can be improved by avoiding it (reduced inflammation and irritation to the gland).


Medical treatment of thyroid nodules may be surgical removal or treatment by suppression therapy ( supplemental thyroid hormones are given in the hope of reducing the amount of stimulation and activity of the gland and consequently a shrinkage/ reduction of the thyroid). If the nodule is caused by a cyst than it may be lanced and drained.


The Homeopathic remedy Iodium (Iodine) is indicated for enlarged glands and rapid metabolism. However while Homeopathy is considered a safe form of medicine, Homeopathic prescribing requires an in depth face to face case study by a qualified Homeopath in order to find the correct remedy and corresponding potency of that specific remedy. A full face to face consultation with a Homeopath or Health care specialist is required to give a well informed diagnosis and treatment plan for your individual condition.