Dairy Foods

There is a lot of supporting data concerning dairy foods contributing to a worsening of symptoms in tonsillitis; however, there are no strong conclusions formed or studies done to substantiate this.  Most people find that dairy foods do in fact contribute to mucus production and a worsening of the congestion when there are respiratory infections present.  Naturopaths will always suggest excluding dairy foods when there is a respiratory infection present.

A few reasons why dairy can contribute to mucus production:

  • Dairy foods are quite acidic and contribute to inflammation by reducing waste removal in the lymphatic system and cause irritation to the mucus membranes.  The membranes then produce more mucus as a defence against irritation to help protect the linings of the respiratory tract.
  • The digestive system is compromised when the body is fighting an infection and this means that foods which require more energy to digest, such as dairy foods, place a bigger strain on an already weakened digestion.  By reducing the amount of dairy foods you consume you are able to support the immune and lymphatic system to recover and reduce congestion.
  • Dairy foods add to the production of secretions by coating an infected place (such as the tonsils) and increase the amounts of wastes due to the proteins in the milk not being properly broken down
  • Dairy foods contain the sugar lactose which is often a problem for many people in regards to allergies and intolerances.  If the body is unable to break down this sugar an immune response is activated which can cause immune weakness, sensitivity and the production of inflammation and mucus.