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Lauren Jane - BHSc (Naturopathy) BBSc (Psychology)

Kiyah Wellness is my online clinic, reach out for Naturopathic/ Nutrition/ Herbal Medicine consultations.  We offer naturopathic healthcare to women with an intuitive approach to eating. Specialising in natural medicine for digestive issues and hormonal balance.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Paige Greacen
Clinical Naturopath - Bach of Health Sc. (Naturopathy)

One on one consultations both in person and through TeleHealth.
A consultation with Habitual Wellness’s Naturopath will assist you in piecing together your symptoms, pathology, and the environmental and genetic factors influencing your health. It's now time to cut out the guesswork and learn how to work in harmony with your body. Implementing healthy changes that become habitual. Like second nature.

Specialising in:

- Women’s Health & Hormones
- Digestive Health
- Mental & Emotional Health
- Nervous System & Adrenal Health
- Immune Health
- Thyroid health
- Skin Health

Toolona Street, Tugun Queensland 4224, Australia

(working from The Body Method Tugun)

Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Moira Bradfield - Naturopath

Over the last 16 years Moira has been involved in the education and development of many of Australia’s Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Acupuncturists through her role as an educator with leading educational institutions.

In the last year she has focussed her educational and presenting skills on ensuring that vaginal and intimate health of all clientele is considered in clinical practice. Discarding taboos and investigating.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

We have been established in Glen Forrest for more than 10 years building up rapport and trust of the hills community, becoming what it is today. A collective of professional, caring and passionate leaders in their respective fields.  A team comprising of over 10 dedicated health care providers specialising in a broad range of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM), to aid and restore integrity and balance between mind and body. 

7 Railway Parade, Glen Forrest Western Australia 6071, Australia

At Harvesting Health we want to help you to find meaning & purpose to your life.  Life has its ups and downs, even navigating certain health conditions can be upsetting. We have the added advantage of using  both herbal medicines & nutrients alongside specific counselling skills to help you.

149 Old Pacific Highway, Oxenford Queensland 4210, Australia

Sally graduated as a practitioner of Naturopathic medicine 20 years ago and has specialised in providing educational and support for herbal medicine companies in this time.  She is a passionate educator and writer in the natural therapies field and understands that better health is obtained through taking responsibility for ones own health via diet, lifestyle, information and movement.  Through article writing, clinical practice, research, education and workshops she hopes to reach others so that they can start their own healing journey from a place of knowledge. She is also a Yin Yoga practitioner and values the benefits of using exercise, yoga and meditation as a tool for improving health as one of the fundamental pillars of health. Sally’s passion is to help you to grow and learn with her support to become a better version of yourself.

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