Coconut Oil

The Coconut oil used in skin care products are used as a base to transport the other ingredients into the skin and only small amounts of the coconut oil would penetrate and be absorbed into the transdermal component of the skin. You would need to consume far more coconut oil for it to have any profound effect other than nourishing the skin. The sugar and honey contained in this supplement again are at small levels and would not cause a raise in blood sugar levels such as when eating a banana.


Coconut oil is used in many traditional cultures, due to its beneficial effects and health giving properties when used in small amounts such as:

  • Helps to kill and expel intestinal parasites, fungi, virus’, worms and bacteria from the bowels due to its Caprylic acid, Capric acid and Lauric acid (medium-chain saturated fatty acids).
  • Reduces inflammation and immune system sensitivities by regulating inflammatory mediators.
  • Increase basal metabolic rate.
  • Indirectly reduces high blood pressure, cholesterol, atherosclerosis and triglycerides this is due to the absence of Polyunsaturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids.
  • To prevent dry skin due to its moisturising and protective qualities.


Coconut oil taken internally should be used or consumed raw as the hydrogenated oil is ineffective in its altered state, therefore only extra-virgin, unadulterated coconut oil should be used.  There is much negative information circulating concerning coconut oil being detrimental to the cardiovascular system. Much of this may be unwarranted and is based on the simple concept that it contains high amounts of oils.

Coconut oil does indeed contain a high amount of oils but they are health giving oils rather than saturated fatty acids and transfatty acids which should be avoided or consumed in small quantities. Coconut oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids.

Another wonderful benefit of coconut oil is that it can withstand very high amounts of heat without generating free radicals which are toxic to the cardiovascular system. It is therefore a good choice of oil to use for frying such as in stir fry’s.