Signs of Health

What are the Naturopathic “signs of health”

  1. Your skin is clear, smooth and lustrous.
  2. You are within the normal weight range for your age, build and height
  3. Your normal body processes such as digestion, bowel evacuation, urination and menstruation proceed normally and occur without excessive discomfort
  4. Your bodily excretions (sweat, urine, faeces, saliva, vaginal mucous and menstrual blood) do not have unusually strong or unpleasant odours. Your urine is clear after your first morning urination. Your faeces are formed well and your menstrual blood is bright red and void of clots.
  5. Your appetite is normal and you have a hunger in the mornings
  6. The desire for fluids is balanced – it increases with exercise and hot weather
  7. Your emotions are balanced and even. Their is neither too much anger, joy, fear, boldness, impulsiveness or procrastination. You are able to cultivate and maintain a state of equilibrium.
  8. Sleep is balanced with wakefulness, it is not interrupted by excessive or disturbed dreams or waking. Dreams are uplifting.
  9. You have a quick mind, feel alert and inspired with a good imagination and memory
  10. Your body moves easily with strong integrity
  11. The blood vessels can be seen under the skin however they do not bulge or are not painful.
  12. Your hair is lustrous and is not too thin or too course. It grows well, in the correct places and does not grey or fall out prematurely.
  13. If you are female, your monthly cycle comes and goes with no major issues