Blocked Ears

Blocked ears

Blocked ears and inner infections can become very painful and may also effect balance which may be the cause of your shakiness. It is advisable to have your ear investigated by a doctor for any infection. The shakiness or vertigo you are experiencing may be due to a bacterial infection which increases lymphatic waste congestion blocking the sinus cavities causing pressure and the equilibrium centre to be out of balance. Alternatively it may be linked with a recent virus which has caused a small amount of nerve damage to the area.


  • Drinking warm glasses of water with lemon juice and Manuka honey are a great way of increasing fluid intake as well as providing bioflavinoids and Manuka honey is a natural antibiotic
  • Reduce mucus producing foods such as dairy, wheat and sugar and consider having an allergy test to determine any trigger foods and environmental allergens which may be contributing to mucus build up
  • Increase alkalising foods in the diet such as water, rice, grains, nuts and seeds, plenty of fruits and vegetables, miso soup, green barley powder to reduce inflammation and acidity
  • Increase water intake (at least 2 litres/ day). Include herbal teas also such as Marshmallow, Echinacea, Ginger, Lemon, Elecampagne, Licorice and Rosehip and Fenugreek
  • Increase sulphur rich foods in your diet such as onions and garlic as these help to break down congestion. Also increase Chilli, Horseradish and Turmeric as these are also anti-inflammatory in action and will help to break down congestion also
  • Enjoy a vegetable juice each day such as carrot, tomato, celery, ginger and beetroot. These ingredients are very nourishing and improve nutritional status, alkalising and immunity


  • Check and maintain cholesterol levels
  • Address underlying immune health and lymphatic congestion
  • Address digestive issues and liver health
  • You might like to try warming a few drops of olive oil and garlic juice, get somebody to drop them in your congested ear while you are lying down. Leave in for around ten minutes and then turn over and let drain for another ten minutes. Alternatively to this using Golden Seal and Mullein liquids is beneficial to help break down congestion in the ear, these herbs are also anti-bacterial
  • Use ear candles to help gently massage the ear canal and draw out excessive congestion
  • Buy a neti pot (from your local health food store) and fill it with water or sea water to help clear the sinuses


  • Cod liver oil capsules are high in Vitamins A & D which help the mucus membranes to be less hyper-sensitive and also reduce inflammation
  • Probiotics may help to ensure a healthy level of digestive bacteria to reduce infections and low immunity
  • Add some Essential oils to a bath such as Eucalyptus, Cedar wood and Lavender or use them in a steam inhalation to help move the congestion and ease the pressure on the sinus cavities
  • Herbs which may help to help support immunity and reduce congestion such as Acerola, Elderflowers, Grindelia, Elecampagne, Licorice, Mullein, Marshmallow, Sage, Thyme and Coltsfoot
  • Vitamin C and bioflavinoids (Quercetin) may be beneficial for not only increasing immunity but also reducing inflammation and the sensitivity of the immune cells and mucus membranes which contribute to congestion