If you are a sufferer of depression you are not alone. According to Beyond Blue…

  • One in four young people experiences a mental health condition and suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15 to 24.
  • For Men, almost seven people die by suicide each day in Australia. Five of these are men. In many cases mental health conditions are a contributing factor.
  • Women experience some mental health conditions (including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress) at higher rates than men.


Anxiety disorders such as this are an unpleasant combination of emotions and may often also include physical sensations such as nausea, tension, headaches and heart palpitations.

  • Sadness and crying episodes, low self esteem, hopelessness, helpless feelings
  • A feeling of being overwhelmed or guilt
  • Sleep and eating disturbances
  • Inability to be comforted
  • Exhaustion, emptiness inside, social withdrawal/ inadequacy
  • Becoming easily frustrated
  • Spells of anger towards others
  • Increased anxiety or panic attacks
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Slowing down
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Poor posture
  • Lack of initiative
  • Sleep disturbances – insomnia or excessive sleeping


  • Hypothyroidism or hypoglycaemia
  • Anaemia
  • Hormonal imbalance, PMT, post natal depression
  • Neurotransmitter imbalance – low Tryptophan, Phenylalanine and Tyrosine
  • Low nutritional status – Vitamin Bs


  • Reduce stress levels by making the changes necessary to improve your personal happiness (improve relationships, family life, decrease workload, see a counsellor, begin a hobby or sport)
  • Begin an exercise regime. Insufficient exercise has been directly associated with depression in many studies, this is because inactive people produce less endorphins (happy hormones i.e. serotonin) in the brain
  • Improve your daily lifestyle by doing the things that make you feel contented and remember that happiness is your responsibility. Depression can only be relieved if you take the baby steps towards improving your attitude
  • Consider doing a liver detoxification in the near future as there is a direct relationship between the health of the liver and the attitude of the mind. In Chinese medicine the liver houses the emotion anger, so by improving the way the liver removes wastes and toxins from the body will also impact the outlook of the emotions


  • One common nutrient deficiency seen when the nerves are strung out is the family of B Vitamins, specifically B5 (to minimise the exhaustion of cortisol as it is a precursor to its production) and B6. Magnesium is also a vital nutrient for feeding the nerves and muscles and is depleted easily during times of stress
  • Australian Bush flower remedies may help to take the edge off anxiety and promote a sense of wellbeing. Black Eyed Susan, Bauhinia, Crowea, Dog Rose, Gymea Lily, Jacaranda, Paw Paw,and SouthernCross. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy may help to ease the burden of stress and tension caused by emotional trauma
  • The following herbs are beneficial for nervous system stress/depression: Withania, Licorice, Siberian Ginseng, Magnolia, Zizyphus, St Johns Wort, Saffron, Passionflower, Oats, Chamomile give strength, grit and integrity to the nerves while calming the stress responses